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2014 Picnic Season Has now Begun! We are the catering guru’s.
Guess what??? There’s little time to start planning your summer events! It’s hard to imagine… didn’t it just snow a couple of days ago? Jim and Pete Seafood wants to cater your next big event. Looking for some seriously good food and catering?
Yes, summer business is in full swing, so if you are going to have a “Fun in the Sun” picnic event, it’s time to call and lock your date! Otherwise you might get left out in the cold. And we don’t want to see that! Already, we are seeing black out dates among event industry professionals. Especially Caterers and Rental Companies.
Jim and Pete Seafood Catering has been the “GO TO” for over 16 years now, planning and throwing great Company Picnics and Summer Events. And this year, we want to make it easier! If you aren’t quite in summer planning mode yet, it’s no problem, the only thing you need to do SOON is lock your date. To do that, just call or email us and put our services on retainer for your summer event. Then leave the planning to us to work out all the details. Let’s us show you why we are the best at catering your summer party.